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DetChar (General)
hyungwon.lee - 10:37 Wednesday 18 December 2019 (12205) Print this report
General report from offline detchar shift
This is the first offline detchar shift report. I just look through the overall detector status.

[sensitivity curve]
One day average status seems to be normal.
Various peaks around 20Hz.
Peaks at 30, 40, 45, 55, 60 Hz : some power line noise?
Various peaks around 80 ~ 400Hz : soem suspension related noise?
many peaks over 4kHz : not relavant for observation but good if we understand the reason
overall sensitivity is lower than expected, we need to find how to increase sensitivity in general

[BNS inspiral range]
during period of 2019-12-17 00:00 and 2019-12-18 00:00(UST) BNS inspiral range is very stable.
this means that interferometer works as expected and all control system works well.
one thing I want to note is when I look this range curve last night it seems not updated in real time(around 12 ~ 13).
But I can not find any missing time in this one day summary.
the inspiral range value is around 7kPc, it seems to be too small.

I hav tried to see Fscan data but it give the following error.
You don't have permission to access /~controls/fscan/summ/fscans_2019_12_17_09_00_00_JST/K1_CAL-CS_PROC_DARM_DISPLACEMENT_DQ/fscanK1_CAL-CS_PROC_DARM_DISPLACEMENT_DQ_K1_1260576018_1260662418.html on this server.

[Lockloss status]
There were total 15 locklosses at 2019-12-17,
Longest one is 4612 seconds between 1260576658 and 1260581270.
Second one is 4378 seconds between 1260592877 and 1260597255.
Minimum one is 247 seconds between 1260602406 and 1260602653.
Average lockloss time is 1002.89 seconds.
Mostly around 500 seconds.
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