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fabian.arellano - 16:15 Tuesday 10 December 2019 (12041) Print this report
Space available on the outside of the SR2 vacuum chamber on the +X side.

In th context of hanging a new SR2 mirror after O3 I went to measure the available space on the +X side of the vacuum chamber. This information is important in order to determine whether we need to remove the POS table to make room for the suspension assembly frame.

The drawing attached shows that in the original assembly place on the -X side of the chamber, the space available between the large outer frame and the assembly frame was approximately 34 cm, whereas on the +X side it would be about 17 cm. Considering that our feet tend to be larger the 17 cm, this means if we install the frame on the +X side, we wouldn't be able to stand on that side to do adjustments to the payload.

The position of the frame is determined by a supporting horizontal beam on the second floor of the clean booth and the height of the assembly frame. On the +X side of the chamber we wouldn't be able to extend the clean booth and move the frame away from the chamber.

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fabian.arellano - 10:04 Wednesday 11 December 2019 (12065) Print this report

A possible solution is to rotate the assembly frame 90 degrees to have the longer side of the frame along the Y direction rather than along the X direction. In this configuration there would be about 33 cm between the larger outer frame and the assembly frame, enough space for a person to stand.

In this configuration the back of the mirror would face the +X direction and we would require an extension of the clean booth in order to put an oplev, which we'll need in order to align the mirror when hanging. See the attached drawing.

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