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VIS (General)
fabian.arellano - 11:17 Wednesday 27 November 2019 (11788) Print this report
Changes to Type B Guardian and payload real-time model for the implementation of the OBSERVATION state.

With Terrence

I added additional filter banks and DAQ channels for the implementation of new filters for the Type B IM.

  • The new filters will aim to inject low control noise into the interferometer observation frequency band.
  • As far as VIS team has agreed the filters will be band pass comb filters.
  • The new block was copied and adapted from Type A model and was placed at the same logical level as the stages TM and IM.
  • Unfortunately the model has reached its limit in the number of goto blocks, which required me to be untidy about some connections.
  • A total of 24 filter banks were added. In case we don't need as many we can remove them later.

In order to be able to manipulate the new filter bank vistools had to be modified. Given certain information about the new filter banks vistool automatically generates functions to manipulate it. The changes were done in the temporary file and tested using fake ezca. The changes still have to be commited in the real

The procedure were as follows:

  1. In the "Master dictionary of data for all suspension types" called visData (~ line 2175) a level called "PAYLOAD" was added. (~line 2411.)
  2. In "lfMethodsToGenerate" (~line 1362) we didn't added anything new because the block names DAMP and TEST are already defined and used in other levels.
  3. In section "# Standard filter bank definitions" (~line 2061) I added the definitions for
    1. damp24, which I really don't know if it's actually used because according to the templates it has a parameter named "gain" with value -1 for each filter bank.
    2. test24, whose  parameter "gain" equals 1 for each filter bank.
  4. In "lmMethodsToGenerate" we should've defined the type of action for the new matrix switch but we don't know to to do this, so we will do it in regular Guardian.
Comments to this report:
fabian.arellano - 22:38 Wednesday 27 November 2019 (11805) Print this report

With Terence

On the afternoon the real-time model was installed and restarted. The medm screen was modified in order to show the main elements and it will be updated tomorrow in order to show all the added elements.

The new additions are:

  1. IM level: total actuation per degree of freedom monitor.
  2. IM level: matrix switch to change filters when going from ALIGNED state into OBSERVATION state.
  3. TM level: total actuation per degree of freedom monitor.
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