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VIS (General)
tomohiro.yamada - 4:11 Saturday 23 November 2019 (11707) Print this report
Templates to measure TF from suspensions to DARM


I prepared templates to measure TF to DARM from BS, PR2, PR3, ITMX, ITMY, ETMX and ETMY.

From klog#11676 to #11678, we reported TF measurements from BS, PR2 and PR3.
However, we found that small mistakes, so I preprared templates not to repeat faults.

For BS, PR2 and PR3, excitation amplitude is tuned, however, it is not tuned for ITMX, ITMY, ETMX and ETMY.

Templates are in kagra/Dropbox/Subsystems/VIS/Automeasurement/Type**/{suspension}/TF/Templates/TF to DARM.

Comments to this report:
ayaka.shoda - 10:20 Monday 25 November 2019 (11727) Print this report

Hi Yamada-kun,

This is really great! Thank you!

I will look into your measurements and compare with my calculations.

tomohiro.yamada - 16:59 Wednesday 27 November 2019 (11801) Print this report

I prepared templates for SR2 and 3.
For type Bs and Bps, I added LOCK_OUT channels (TML, TMP, TMY, IML, IMP, IMY).
Also, for all templates, I added "K1:LSC_DARM_IN1".

Except for ITMX and BS(TM stage, IML, IMP), amplitude is not tuned.
Amplitude tuning is currently done by following steps:
1) Using awggui, we checked amplitude at several frequencies. I usually check at 55Hz, 30Hz, 10Hz. I see excess in DARM signal at the same time.
2) Then, we prepared "envelop" type amplitude.

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