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tatsuki.washimi - 8:48 Tuesday 17 September 2019 (10561) Print this report
development of the lightning location monitor

I develop the python code to access the Blitzortung web database and make a histgram for the distance of lightning from KAGRA.

(On my Jupyter notebook)


Next steps : 

  • automize it on k1sum0 PC
  • introduce it into the summary page
  • make an alert to near lightning
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tatsuki.washimi - 20:20 Monday 23 September 2019 (10670) Print this report

I make the lightning monitor page on k1sum0. (Not update automatically yet)


You can see the lightning information about

  • distance from KAGRA
  • distance vs time
  • realtime map
  • detector status and latest signal


in the case of 2019/8/5, they were very closed event (< 1km)

tatsuki.washimi - 14:13 Monday 30 September 2019 (10773) Print this report

I changed the axis label from -log10( Distance from KAGRA [km] ) to Distance from KAGRA [km] in the lightning monitor page, to be more intuitive.

(Plot itself is not changed)

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