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fabian.arellano - 10:20 Friday 13 September 2019 (10509) Print this report
SR2 tower real-time model update. (Report for 12-09-2019.)

With Yamamoto-san, Oshino-san, Miyo-kun.

I compiled and installed the real-time model with the appropriate elements for the  LVDT correction with the seismometer signal. However, I was expecting coherence between channels carrying the same signal at opposite ends of the Dolphin network but I was not getting it. In order to fix this problem

  • Miyo-kun installed an anti-alias filter before the k1pemioo1 model shares the seismometer channels via the Dolphin network. This is needed because k1pemioo1 model samples at 16 kHz whereas k1vissr2t samples at 2 kHz. The cut-off frequency of the low-pass filter is 100 Hz. This is alright because we are interested in mHz.
  • We checked the real-time model again and realized of a wrong connection. After correcting it I compiled the model again but I did not installed it because they were using the suspension for the main interferometer.
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