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fabian.arellano - 13:47 Wednesday 11 September 2019 (10460) Print this report
Real-time model and medm screen modification for LVDT correction and feedforward with seismometer. (Report for 11-09-2019.)

With Yamamoto-kun and Terrence.


As described in the title, I modified the real-time model (SR2 tower part) and medm screen in order to abilitate the LVDT correction and feedforward with the seismometer signal. I modified the PEM real-timemodel controlling the seismometer in order to share its channels via the Dolphin network. I compiled them and installed them.

Here is a To Do list:

  • Update the list of parameters that the BURT tool takes care of for the safe snapshot.
  • Fix some of the medm blocks which are used for two channels but are designed for three.
  • In the medm screens the signals from the seismometer are labeled X, Y and Z for the X arm, Y arm and vertical respectively. I want to change to X Arm, Y Arm and Z.
  • I have to recompile the SR2 tower part after I corrected a minor inconsistency with the medm screen naming convention.
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