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PEM (Center)
takaaki.yokozawa - 8:32 Saturday 31 August 2019 (10235) Print this report
Search the coherence with BS magnetometer(Y direction)

8-50Hz larger coherence with ITMX TM Yaw motion (See fig.1)

14Hz with BS IP ACCs

22.44 Hz, 29.69 Hz  coherence with mic

24Hz quite large coherence between ITMX TM/MN Yaw each DAMP_GAS

30Hz strong coherence with EXC andEYC magnetometer, that may caused by 60 Hz noise.

42.25Hz coherence with BS activity and BS seismometer

41-44Hz there are many coherence, inverstigate later (See fig.2 and fig.3)

58.3Hz strong coherence with BS seismometer

93-94 Hz  strong coherence with SR3 and SRM IM damp

104Hz with BS pit and PR2, some source around BS booth

107Hz, 109Hz,111.5Hz BS Yaw

128.3, 256.7Hz  ITMY yaw and ITMX yaw

233.3Hz  Many coherence with PEMs related with ground?

313.5Hz PR2 pit and POP acc

435.43 525Hz sound




(Some coherence with end station magnetometer around the Schumann resonance frequency, but I didn't calculate the detectability, could someone calculate the detectability by the MAG13?)

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