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enzo.tapia - 16:32, Friday 30 November 2018 (7208)Get code to link to this report
Comment to BS recovery work (Click here to view original report: 7162)

Pictures of some of the circuit boards used at the BS area, second floor.

I inspected 1 Stepper motor driver (PI), 1 Satellite Amp (TM), and 1 picomotor driver (BF cap).


The last 2 pictures are from the damaged stepper motor driver.

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7208_20181130082917_img20181129104503.jpg 7208_20181130082929_img20181129104509.jpg 7208_20181130082938_img20181129104523.jpg 7208_20181130082946_img20181129104541.jpg 7208_20181130083001_img20181129110835.jpg 7208_20181130083014_img20181129114304.jpg 7208_20181130085130_damageddriver1.jpg 7208_20181130085141_damageddriver2.jpg