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MIF (ITF Control)
yutaro.enomoto - 18:17 Tuesday 16 July 2019 (9536) Print this report
Bug fix around BIO for the common mode servos

Related log: 9417

For some reason, it was known that one bit of the BO, which is for comm. boost switch, for Y PLL, CARM, and Summing Node does not work at all.
I had a look into it yesterday and identified that the issue was in the real time model.

What I did:
I modified the BO part of the library block of the Common mode servo as shown in the attached figure.
The 16th bit of the cdsBit2Word was seemingly NOT ALWAYS working (It works for some common mode servos, such as IMC, X PLL, X PDH, or Y PDH. However, it does not for Y PLL, CARM, and Summing Node).
So I bypassed the block and added the signal of the 16th bit manually.

Now it works!! You can enable the boosts as you want!

This change might affect IMC servo or Gr PDHservos when their models are rebuilt and restarted, but probably this does not change the functionality.

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