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FCL (Air)
shinji.miyoki - 12:27 Monday 25 October 2021 (18674) Print this report
Temp adjustment in the corner station

Phenomena: The temp in the corner station seemed to be up by roughly 0.5 ~ 0.8 from the end of September, especially around PR area.

Several facts: 

  • BS-C cooler sometimes flowed out the air at around 18 C. It's strange. -> I asked Hayakawa kun to check it's health condition.
  • Although we knew the MCF-C cooler was operated in just an airflow mode, the output temperature was measured to be 24.5C. ( A little bit high ! )
  • PC-SR3 cooler temp was set at 22.3C to match the temp around it.
  • The temp of the dry air injected into the corner station from the fan room was 22.7C at the output in the corner station.

As the first try, I stopped the MCF-C cooler to stop the warmer air supply for the PR area. Also, I set the temp of PC-SR3 at 22.0C for the SR area.

We will keep monitoring in this condition.

Comments to this report:
shinji.miyoki - 12:13 Wednesday 27 October 2021 (18707) Print this report

Hayakawa-kun found a different performance in BS-C cooler from others. It seems to repeat "defrosting" (~18 C air generation) and cooling (~9C air generation) because the BS-C cooler got a lot of frosting in its cooling system. Others have no such frosting even if the operation condition, such as the amount of water flow, seems to be same with each other.

We reported this to the maker, and now wait his opinions.

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