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fabian.arellano - 14:52 Wednesday 18 November 2020 (15484) Print this report
Limit switch test in the IP.

With Ikeda-san, Hirata-san and Washimi-san.

We tested the IP steper motor limit switches. Namely,

  • We wanted to know If the swtiches were operational as seen in the medm screen and
  • We wanted to confirm the motor name assignment was consistent in the medm screen.
  • We wanted to know the channel assignment of each switch, which is determined by the pins to which each switch is conected to in the D-sub 9 connector.
    • The naming convention in the manual is "Left" or "Right" according to the channel in the driver.
    • Instead of "Left" and "Right" we should ±YAW instead.


We did not move the stepper motor all the way to the end of its range, but pushed the limit switch using an M4 Allen key


  • The motor name assignment was correct: the hardware units, callled H1, H2 and H3, appear in their respective correct channels in the medm screen.
  • In each motor the cabling was consistent:
    • Right is always +YAW.
    • Left  is always    -YAW.
  • See the pictures of the notebook in the album SRM Remedying Work after O3GK.


  • The limit switches are somewhat stiff.
  • In the case of (H1, -YAW), I pushed it too hard, the copper metal sheet went plastic and didn't come back. I had to fox it by bending it back. We have to watch this switch in case it misbehaves in the future.
  • The design does not seem so convenient.
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tatsuki.washimi - 21:19 Wednesday 18 November 2020 (15490) Print this report
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