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terrence.tsang - 11:16 Wednesday 25 September 2019 (10692) Print this report
Type B hierarchical control

I did the same as 10624 to modify the Type B model. This enables an option for ISC hierarchical control where the input of an upper stage lock filter is from the output of the lower stage. The hierarchical scheme can be enabled by setting the channel K1:VIS_[OPTIC]_HIER_SWITCH to >= 0.5. I also moved the ISCINF block out of the TM block to the payload block. So, channels K1:VIS-[OPTIC]_TM_ISCINF* should be changed to K1:VIS-[OPTIC]_ISCINF*. 

All changes were made locally and are not committed or installed, in case we want to make further changes.

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