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hideaki.kitazawa - 21:19, Wednesday 28 November 2018 (7177)Get code to link to this report
Intensity stabilization (laser power is 20 W)


We measured relative intensity noise at laser power = 20W (laser current = 33A).
This laser power was decided not to saturate PD output.
At that time ,In-loop sensor output voltage is 8.04V(22mW),Out-of-loop sensor output voltage is 10.0V(28mW).

The figure shows relative intensity noise about free-run ,In-loop and Out-of-loop. 
The results of the noise budget are also shown in the figure.I suspect that the noise limiting the low-frequency side of out-of-loop is a sensing noise.

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keiko.kokeyama - 12:05, Thursday 29 November 2018 (7188)
The ISS channel names,
are not very good. Can you change to K1:PSL-ISS_PDA... or maybe K1:LAS-ISS... ?