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kazuya.yokogawa - 12:52, Thursday 15 November 2018 (6994)Get code to link to this report
Installation of the optics on the REFL table

[Miyoki, Enomoto, Sugimoto, yokogawa]

(Yesterday work)

We installed the optics on the REFL table and aligned those optics using the reflected beam from ITMX.

what we did:

  • assembled the optical mounts, posts and base plates.
    • The periscope, optical mount assemblies is the same as TMSX on this page.
  • installed the optics according to the layout design and aligned those optics.
    • The optical layout design is JGW-T1809238
    • The attached figure is the installed optics.


Since we did not have one RFPD and two QPDs, they have not installed yet.

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