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MIF (ITF Control)
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yutaro.enomoto - 04:05, Saturday 10 November 2018 (6940)Get code to link to this report
Frequency noise CARMed down

[Yuta, Masayuki, Yutaro]

ALS CARM loop closed!!!

Plots tell you very much. Details to follow.

Copyright of the log title goes to Yuta.

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6940_20181109195846_alscarmthemomentofclosingloop.png 6940_20181109195855_mclloopolg.png 6940_20181109195913_ioofreqnoise.png 6940_20181109200612_screenshotfrom20181110031226.png 6940_20181109200620_screenshotfrom20181110035956.png
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koji.nagano - 12:32, Saturday 10 November 2018 (6944)

Great work! (and 良いタイトルですね!)

kiwamu.izumi - 14:02, Saturday 10 November 2018 (6945)

This is really cool! Great job, guys.