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IOO (Laser Bench)
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kohei.yamamoto - 22:00, Thursday 16 August 2018 (5825)Get code to link to this report
Modulation Index

Kokeyama, Ge, Kohei Yamamoto

Superimposed beam (from AOM and periscope, for RFPM) was detected by RFPD. The peak at 80[MHz] is the beat of AOM 1st order and carrier laser from periscope.


(RF signal power)

f1, f3 : (Distribution Amp) + (Attenuator) + (RF Amp) = 13[dBm] - 7[dBm] + 17[dBm] = 23[dBm]

f2 : (Distribution Amp) + (RF Amp) = 13[dBm] + 17[dBm] = 30[dBm]

We assume that the 40-meter cables from the IOO1 rack to EOMs have a loss of about 6[dBm].



Figures show the results of f1 of EOMa, f1 of EOMb, f2, f3 of EOMa and f3 of EOMb in this order. 

The index of f2 looks extremely small. There might be some problems on circuit??

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