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LAS (bKAGRA laser)
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masayuki.nakano - 20:05, Wednesday 08 August 2018 (5738)Get code to link to this report
RIN measurement of the 40 W laser

[Mio, Tahara, Sakakibara, Nakano]

The RIN of the output beam from the PMC was so noisy (soon, the report will be added to klog). We investigated it, and we found that this noise would be caused by the PMC.  The figure shows the RINs before the PMC (just after the laser output collimator lens) and after the PMC (the leakage point from the PMC), and the RIN measured in Hongo as the reference. Obviously, the RIN after the PMC is much larger than the one before the PMC. 

We guess that the beam jitter is transformed to the intensity fluctuation by the PMC, but we are not sure. We will do more measurement to make sure that.

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